Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to Sean Hannity on ‘shadow banning’

“There’s a lot of nuance to this,” Dorsey said. “This is definitely not easy but we’re trying to approach this with a very simple goal which is how do we earn more trust.”

Earlier this week Twitter stood as the only major social media network not to remove or ban InfoWars’ Alex Jones. The controversial radio host had posts taken down or accounts terminated by Apple, Facebook and YouTube among others.

Twitter, though, said Jones had yet to violate the company’s policies and so his accounts would remain live for now. Dorsey launched a series of tweets following the announcement to explain the decision and highlight other means for combating misinformation on the site.

“We rely on a bunch of signals,” Dorsey told Hannity Wednesday. “We’ll certainly miss things and we’re certainly going to make mistakes along the way.”

“We’re getting better and better, step by step” he said.

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